• Hearing and eye protection is required to be worn at all times by everyone.   
  • Cold Range-  Firearms will be cleared and holstered between stages.  Competitors will only handle firearms under the direction of a safety officer. 
  • Safe Tables are not available, only handle firearms under the direction of a safety officer. 
  • Muzzle safe points are the limits of the backstop and vary range to range.   
  • Additional safety rules will be governed by the specific range/bay requirements, each stage will have a walk through brief addressing any safety concerns and the course of fire. 
  • IDPA Range commands will be used. 
  • Concealment is not required, however it is encouraged. 
  • Reloads – Shall only be conducted on classification stages. All magazines shall be loaded to a max of 10 rounds unless directed higher or lower by the stage brief.  
  • Match Director will verify all disqualifications, will lead arbitration team and makes final rulings on all challenges.   


  • Reactive steel must fall or swing out of competitor’s view, remaining steel is a miss.   
  • IDPA cardboard targets will be used. Each point down = 1 second added to the raw time. 
  • Hits on Non-Threats = 5 seconds per hit added to the raw time. 
  • Miss = 5 seconds added to the raw time.   


  • Any IDPA or USPSA production legal firearm may be used. 
  • Calibers allowed: 9mm, .40S&W, 357SIG, .45ACP. (limited to available frangible ammunitions) Ammunition, No minimum power factor requirements, no steel or solid copper core.  Frangible ammunition will be issued for use on the Academy indoor pistol range.   
  • Iron, laser and carry optic sights may be used. 
  • Holsters, IDPA or USPSA production legal with the following exceptions that are strictly prohibited: Shoulder/chest, Cross-Draw, Appendix, Small of the Back, Inside the Waistband, Fanny-Pack, Soft sided holders and holsters that do not fully cover the trigger guard.  MD has final approval.  
  • Mags/Mag Holder, any type, minimum of three magazines are required for the event. 

Additional Items

  • This is a lost brass match.
  • Alcohol and drugs are prohibited on the property. This includes prescribed narcotics (i.e. Percocet, Vicodin type drugs,) and marijuana regardless of its legality in the state.